“To the beat of Pink Floyd, Zabriskie Point ends with the leading character getting into his car alone and driving into the Arizona desert, a mythical place with a hostile beauty that Antonioni used as a visual metaphor of the countercultural breakaway from 1960s society, and which a half-buried pavilion in a plain close to Mexico now draws attention to.
The structure, made of concrete poured into the formwork on the site, shapes an inverted ziggurat embedded into the clay-like earth, and leads to a cell protected from the harsh sun and strong winds. From the roof, four arms of concrete stretch on at ground level in a kind of crossing of abscissas that claims a presence in the territory, and which, like the footprints that Robinson finds on the beach, are signs of man’s hand on the way to the barren spot.”
(Arquitectura Viva, September 2021)