Inside the line is a housing project located in Berlin, along the Gradestraße, South of the Tempelhof Field. A single line, 460 meters long, defines the building which folds into three parts, stretching fluidly along the joining roads. The height of the building was equally divided in order to have apartments of the same dimension, equal height and length of 20 meters by 4 meters thick. A uniform anodized expanded aluminum mesh covers the load-bearing structure, revealing the inside compositions of the apartments.

The inside geometry of the apartments questions the use of walls in modern spaces, in particular, the defining elements of privacy. Is it still necessary to erect walls, or does the presence of dividing structures satisfy the desired seclusion from the other ones?

Those questions echo in some way the work of the sculptor Sol LeWitt and the architect Kazuo Shinohara. The composition of the apartments on the first floor, which defines 2 isolated spaces, is repeated on the second and third floors, the walls being gradually replaced by structures. On the last floor, only the presence of structures should exert a feeling of physical and mental isolation.